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About Us

Luxe Health Retreat is a holistic, full-service postop care and massage experience. Luxe aims to provide luxurious services at every stage of your recovery Journey. We specialize in all things post-op or after surgery including post-op care with our qualified nurses and caregivers, massages with our licensed therapists, concierge services in the comfort of your own home, all-inclusive recovery home options, and Airbnb's designed and equipped with your recovery in mind. 

Pouring Massage Oil

Our Philosophy

At Luxe Health, we believe in treating the body like royalty and providing a calming, holistic approach to the healing process. Our Mission is to provide extraordinary care to each Luxe client we serve. We want our clients to focus on rest and healing, let us worry about the rest! Our philosophy is Recovering the 3 F way: Flexibility in care, Freedom to heal, and Fulfilment in your Journey. 

Allow us to make your health and healing a luxurious experience. 

Flexibility in your care, Freedom to heal, and Fulfillment in your Recovery Journey, the Luxe Health way 

Meet The Team

About the Founder


The Founder of Luxe Health Retreat, Talisha Smith BSN, RN, LMT is a registered nurse and massage therapist with over 10years of experience in various areas including Critical care, post-surgical care and cosmetic Surgery. She is also a Licensed massage therapist who has traveled and trained with other massage therapists in many places including Dominican Republic, South America, and Miami. Talisha or Nurse Tali has always had a passion for caring for others and is always enthusiastic about assisting others on their Recovery Journey with her professional experience and her personal experience as a "Doll" herself.  

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